Monday, June 9, 2014

Fit Wife Kalee

Rebecca Walker PhotographyToday's fit life, fit wife is soon to be wife, Kalee Sorey! She's so sweet, down to earth, and I completely admire her dedication to building her own business. If you know anything about me, you know I obsess over a woman who is also an entrepreneur. (PS- her accent is incredible!)

Kalee is literally days away from saying I DO on June 21st!! She is sharing today how she balances a business, health, fitness, relationships, and planning a wedding! Meet Kalee...

Being 25 and a business owner who's also planning a wedding, I had to learn how to balance it all. I'd love to say that knowing how and where to spend my time came natural to me, but it took a lot of trial-and-error, planning, personal development, and event a few arguments to find my personal balance between work, fitness, and of course time for my family and fiance'.

How I Got Started as an Online Coach

I've always loved learning and applying the most effective ways to be happy and healthy. I never thought of making it into a career. I wasn't super fit, and my friends thought my interest in fitness was a little odd or even an insecurity. In 2011, I earned my degree in Marketing & Finance. I still wasn't fulfilled by either topic. I was panicking - I was 23, living at home, had over $40,000 in student loans and no clue what I wanted to do. I decided to teach high school math because it was something I was good at, had a great schedule, and it allowed me to help people. I wanted to know what I was doing everyday was going to affect someone else reach their dreams. I also decided to start coaching people online with my mom though because I loved it and would help pay back my loans. I had also gotten amazing results from TurboFire and a new diet so people were actually asking me what I was going. Within a few months, I was seeing my clients gain confidence, lose weight, and have amazing transformation stories. It made all of the long hours and effort worth it, and I finally felt I was doing what I was meant to do. Within 9 months of starting, I was making more money coaching than teaching so at the end of the school year, I left teaching. It felt so empowering and ever since, my life has completely changed.

The Potholes & How I Overcame them

Beachbody CoachesWhen you're so focused on your goals, time (and sleep) is precious. I woke up early to work out, listened to personal development in the car, taught 8-3 pm, came home and worked 1-2 hours and then saw Jake for about an hour. After he went home, I would write a blog post. So for about 8 months, I was constantly on the go. Starting in March, my mom and I also earned trips to trainings through the company we coach with, Beachbody. So I also had to learn how to keep in touch with my clients and keep my business' momentum going while we were out of town. The first 3 months of coaching full-time, I know my relationship with Jake suffered, I never saw my family, and I was sleeping 5-6 hours a night. It was so tough, but seeing the business grow and clients get great results kept fueling my excitement. Chalene Johnson says something like "If you're friends aren't into fitness, find new friends!" in TurboFire. I always found that kind of harsh, but as I grew more successful in my business I made new friends with similar interests. My old friends thought I had lost my mind quitting my safe job to be a Beachbody coach, and it really hurt my feelings for a long time that they couldn't see I was happy and successful.

Personal Development helped me find me.

I am a total learning nerd. I love blog tips, social media training, and any kind of personal development. I started reading and listening to audio CDs every day, and it really helped me overcome my fears and being such a people-pleaser. I started seeing my strengths as strengths and how to help others by being a positive, kind influence on them.

Set Goals that match your Priorities

I think to be successful, you have to have goals that align with what's most important to you. Otherwise, you may start working crazy hard on something and when you achieve it, it's not something that makes you happy. I could set the goal to be one of the top ten coaches in the company, but it wouldn't fit my priority of putting my family first. It could also hurt my health because of the stress I would put on myself and the time required. I write my priorities on the top of a piece of paper, and then list 10 goals down for the next year. At first, I'd let the list sit and not revisit it, but now I see when I look at it even weekly, my goals happen faster and keep me focused.

Create a Routine

Having a routine has helped everything in my life. I know when I need to eat, workout, and work. I even break down when I respond to messages, post on Facebook, write a blog post, do a video, or complete my personal development. This helps me feel accomplished everyday, focused on my goals, and keeps me from doing too much and getting burnt out. I didn't figure out how to make a successful routine until going through Chalene's Smart Success program online. It's my absolute favorite training for small business owners whether you are wanting to go to the next level or manage your time better.

2 More KEYS to Keeping Myself Sane

engagement 2Even with my routine set, I would feel like I had to respond immediately if someone messaged me, especially if they were a new client or someone wanting to coach. I felt like if I didn't my business would suffer and even worse- they would think I didn't care. On a lazy night, I'd have a nagging feeling of needing to write a blog post since I wasn't doing anything. Jake has always been my biggest supporter, but he also helps me stay sane. With his help, I learned that is just as important to have time away to enjoy my life - even if it's a lazy night watching Netflix. Therefore, I started setting business hours and turned off ALL notifications on my phone. It was so hard to be disconnected at first, but now I am so glad I took the leap. By having a balanced life, I hope I am setting a good role model for my clients and also the coaches I mentor. I also have undivided time for my family and Jake. It's so nice to not have 100 things going through my mind on a Friday night, and it's been months since I did it and the world hasn't stopped! The other thing I've learned is that while I love setting goals, it's just as important to enjoy the progress and take time to celebrate your progress.

If you have any questions on what I do or my mom and my training series and mentorship program please feel free to email us at We'd love to help you see if it's a good fit for you.

Thank you so much Anna for allowing me to share my story!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fit Wife- Lindsay DiFazio

My fit wife this week is Lindsay DiFazio.

I instantly fell in love with Lindsay’s story because she was a fit 20-something working hard to create balance in her life. Then I read that she was a bride-to-be, just like me and I was instantly hooked. I am inspired by her because she is a career woman and is determined to create balance in her life.

Meet Lindsay DiFazio…She's sharing today how she creates balance in her busy... healthy... fit life!

Fit at 28 means juggling a lot of great things - business travel, social life and family. So whether its long travel days and bad airport food, weekends of catch-up over wine and margaritas or family events out in the ‘burbs, juggling is always involved.

Here is a little breakdown of how I balance it all and fit in the me-time, to work out and be healthy.

Family and friends and that NYC social life

I find it fortunate that I grew up in the NYC suburbs. But with college friends, home friends and extended family, the pressure to see everyone is heavy.  So what do I do?

·       I plan my day and week.  Nothing crazy, just a quick overview of what’s going to happen with me.  I’m a
firm believer in enjoying food and life, so I do have that wine, that beer, that Italian sausage at the baseball game. But I plan accordingly.  Those are my cheats and nothing else.  I go a little harder in the gym given the week I’ve had or will have.  All in moderation of course.  If I have a few events in one week I prioritize.  Can’t live without the wine at dinner but I’ll hold on some other indulgence the next day. 

·       I use events as mini milestones. I dislike having to look at pictures and see me looking all unhealthy.  Whether its dull skin, a puffy face or some “extra” on the frame, I can tell.  The camera doesn’t lie.  So I’ll use events (weddings, birthdays, get-togethers, whatever) to have an end goal in sight.    It’s like studying for a test.  Now this doesn’t mean I’m binge dieting and working out like a maniac the week before.  It means the days I don’t feel like going to the gym I remind myself I have a mini milestone to hit.

·       Speaking of not so mini milestones…I’m planning a wedding!  Forget wedding season and all my friends getting married, I have the milestones of all milestones to get ready for.  If that is not motivation, I don’t know what is!

·      I use the restaurant scene to my advantage.  I know the friends that will want to try the new vegan/vegetarian restaurants with me.  I even have my fiancĂ©e going with me now. Victory.  It’s a great way to play catch up and still have an awesome/healthy meal all in one. 

Lindsay finds food while traveling that keeps her on track!
Work and travel

I’m shocked at how many people struggle to eat healthy while working.  Then again though, I’m not so shocked given how lousy it is to find healthy things in an airport or how discouraging some management can be.  So I did two things. 

·       I created a blog as a way to document my own experiences; healthy travel finds and tips I use to keep me from falling off the deep end. 

·       The second, I started (and I’m still in the process) of creating an airport guide to help others find the exact location of healthy eateries in airports.  You can stay up to date on the launch at my blog Your Fit Trip.

Other ways I stay healthy while being a working machine:

·       Working out is my break time –I do take that break in the evening to get a work out in.  I really do think it makes me a better worker – refocuses the mind. Gets the oxygen flowing back to the brain. Plus, who can sit in a chair for that many hours straight? Torture.

·       I look up the places I’m staying – I have to make sure I know what the hotel will offer me.  If I can, I choose places with a gym so I have the option to use the machines.  If all else fails, I’ll bring my own easy to pack equipment like bands or a good body-weight only video on my iPad.

At the end of the day if there are three things I enjoy about life it is being in my 20s, being fit and having great things to juggle.

Follow Lindsay's journey on her blog at Your Fit Trip or on Instagram @LDfazio!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happiness is a Skill

My passion stems from being able to share with people the tools I use to get me to my goals. For so long I struggled with depression, insecurity, and the inability to be happy in my own life. Over the last year I have fought back against those emotions and negative things. I sought out to be better, to do better, and to make my dreams a reality. Part of the process for me is sharing with other people the things that helped me in an effort to help solve the problems people have that are similar to my own.

Though I feel healthy nutrition and exercise play a great roll in how far I have come and how far someone else is able to go, I believe equally in the power of self confidence. Without confidence I doesn't matter how much time or effort you have put in at the gym or how many meals you have made on your own.

Happiness is directly related with how confident I am. Also, how much I am able to give to other people depends a lot on my own happiness and self confidence. I place as much importance on my mental happiness as I do my physical happiness. A lot of time, I am more concerned with how confident, happy, or relaxed I am before I worry about how many squats or hours I completed at the gym. 

I devote and schedule time specifically for self improvement and relaxation. I said a week or so ago in my Video Blog Post that maintaining my stress is going to be a key element in the progress I am able to make over this next year. The same way I tell myself I will go to the gym at 5:30am, I also tell myself I will spend 30 minutes to an 1 hour working on myself internally. Many people skip this step!! It is crucial... You cannot expect to change your habits or get better results on the outside if you haven't worked on the inside. For those people that consistently make no progress...perhaps you start something and never finish it... I encourage you to look inward and be honest... are you really working on the mental and internal part of being healthy and happy?!? 

Here are a few things I have found that help me with self improvement...

1.) Love, love, LOVING positive quotes lately! Positive quotes on my bathroom mirror, positive quotes on my desk at work, positive quotes on my phone screen saver. I am focusing intently on changing the way I think, also. If I start thinking in a negative context, I quickly switch it to a positive. This is taking work, but when I focus on it it is helping me. 

2.) I am loving Happify right now!!! Happify is an online website that walks you through activities (or tracks as they are called on the website) that improve your happiness and own self awareness. The same way you work through exercises at the gym, is the same thing you do here. You answer a series of questions and receive custom activities to improve your Happiness. I devote an additional 15-30 minutes each morning to Happify. I devote time to it because it improves my ability to be more positive and happy throughout the day! Start with every other day just 15 minutes and see how it improves your happiness.

3.) I am writing more!!! Writing has become my #1 defense against negative thoughts or moving backwards. I have my spiral notebook where I keep notes and journal my thoughts. My Happify profile also has prompted questions that I write a few sentences about when I do my activities. The questions and prompts are written in a way that force me to find happiness or solutions in what I am doing. It is helpful in keeping my thoughts moving in a positive direction. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Save the Peel

Wait...hold it... SAVE THE PEEL! The next time you are enjoying a grapefruit with your breakfast, a lime with your tacos, or a lemon with your water.... SAVE THE PEEL!

Today I am sharing how I make my NON-TOXIC household cleaner using leftover citrus fruit peels. When I learned of this possibility, I thought it would be great to have a non-toxic cleaner in the house. Then I realized I would be saving money and I was set! Don't get me wrong I was excited to use a cleaner on my kitchen counter that was all natural, but I was thrilled when I realized I would be using things I am throwing away to replace my store bought all purpose cleaner!

Let's get started, shall we!? Let me first start by saying this is a two week process!

Enjoy the fleshy part of your citrus fruit as normal. My choice is grapefruit, but any citrus fruit will do.

Save the peels (remove any leftover fruit) and put them in a jar. After, put 3 cups of distilled white vinegar in the jar to submerge the peels. Put the lid on the jar and store for 2 weeks in a cool, dark place. I store mine in my pantry.

You can add citrus peels to the jar for the remainder of the first week.

Fast forward 2 weeks later... pour the citrus-vinegar mixture in to a spray bottle. I found a super cheap bottle at Lowe's. Make sure it allows for a mist spray, not just a stream.

Dilute the citrus mixture with equal parts water.

Final step...grab a rag and clean away.

This cleaner is perfect for counter surfaces, walls, doors, children's toys, and metal fixtures. DO NOT USE ON WOOD! Though I have not tried it, I read that the citrus cleaner will stain the wood.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fit Wife- Brooklyn Mar

Welcome to this week's Fit Wife Wednesday! This week Miss Brooklyn Mar is our featured FIT WIFE! Wife, mom, bikini competitor, Brooklyn is sharing her story as a healthy fit wife and mom! 

Follow Brooklyn on Instagram for motivational posts!

Fit Wife Wednesday...

Hi! My name is Brooklyn Mar, I am a 32 year old mom of two kids, Olivia and Brian. My husbands name is Hector, we have been together for 11 years this year and married for almost 2. 

My fitness journey started around the time I started seeing my husband, I was a cardio bunny! I was scared of lifting heavy, scared I would get too bulky. Oh man was I wrong and wish I had started way back when. But I have learned to eat well, lift right and thus began my competing life!

I have competed in both an NPC bikini competition in November of 2013 and also a WBFF show, in both divisions they offer, which are bikini and fitness. I didn't place in either of those shows, yet I find myself still driving towards becoming the best version of me I can.

Finding a balance in a lifestyle like this can be very difficult, especially having growing kids in the house and a husband who eats for bodybuilding as well, even though he doesn't compete. Thankfully we do all eat very similar, except my husband and I like brown rice and our kids like white rice!

I do most of the grocery shopping and can eat pretty much the same things daily, which makes it easier while I am on a prep, which lasts around 3-4 months or to make it sound a little better 12-16 weeks.

My food choices for proteins consist of egg whites, lean red meats, ground turkey, chicken breast and protein powder, usually from Cellucor. For my carbs I love the simple stuff like oats-rolled or steel cut, I just find their texture really good! Also, I like brown rice, sweet potato, Ezekiel bread or P28 bread. I love any type of vegetable but find I do very well with green beans, asparagus, zucchini, cucumber, squash spinach and all kinds of lettuce. I don't really count my veggies as an intake of calories, since most of them are very low in calories and very filling, so I never really go hungry. 

I prepare my food in bulk about three times a week to try and keep my prep times in check, especially since I work night shift I like to just measure out my ounces, pack it up and go! I do have a 6-pack bag that makes carrying my meals so much easier. If you are serious about a healthy lifestyle, competing or just getting your metabolism going, then you will want to carry your meals with you! It saves money, the frustration of what you're going to eat and you are never stuck somewhere and hungry! Also, start carrying water with you, I never leave without my gallon! 

Finding a balance between being a mom, a wife, a student as well as working nights while in competition prep is hard, but can be done with just a little preparation for your week ahead! My next show is about 14 weeks away, so I am already planning again! I am happy to share in my healthy journey to the stage, I hope to share everything I know about being a fit wife with a fit life! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lyft Your Energy Levels

No, that isn't a typo... Lyft is a new energy stir stick you mix directly in to your drink! I think it looks pretty fancy, actually!

I absolutely love it!!!! I mixed it directly in to water and it honestly didn't taste like anything. My favorite part is it gave me a boost of energy that didn't give me the jitters or make my head cloudy. It takes a lot to get me to love something other than espresso to boost my energy...this has done the trick!
Pure Lyft is a zero calorie mix of all natural caffeine and vitamins A and B complex. The natural caffeine comes from green coffee bean extract. It has the caffeine equivalent to a tall coffee. You can order Lyft online at Use coupon code WELCOME and get free shipping!

If you try out Lyft I would love to know what you think! I absolutely love it and cannot wait to order more. The stir sticks tuck directly in your purse and are perfect quick pick me ups when needed. I drank mine in a wine glass with made me feel fancy! :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fit at Any Age

One of my favorite things growing up was thumbing through magazines and finding those articles that had the titles, "Fashion for Every Age" or "Beauty at Any Age". I was always intrigued by the how to's from women that fit my age range. Then I would skip ahead to see how I could teach myself how to be those things as I grew older. People say I am old soul... maybe I should blame it on the magazines! :)  

I have brought together women from different age ranges to share their take on health and fitness. I love sharing with my readers different perspectives and options! Health and wellness is about finding what works best FOR YOU and for YOUR LIFESTYLE. We cannot be molded and shaped to fit in to something that is not US! I always encourage people to build their own journey based off the inspiration and ideas they get from other people. Here it is... my version of an ANY AGE post... 
Fit at Any Age
20s- Emily at The Salty Pretzel

Hey guys, I’m Emily, a 20-something full-time wife, furmom, and college kid. It’s not always easy training and staying in shape but I know it’s what’s best for my family, my future, and, of course, for me! Life is honestly pretty easy to balance at this age, it’s just a matter of doing it. Both working out and meal planning have to be built in or, in all honesty, they wouldn’t get done. I make sure to be intentional about being in the gym, writing the progress I see, celebrating that process, and doing it all again.

There’s a gym on campus but I also hold a membership at a national gym so I can swim and when we travel I can still work out! I’m lucky enough to workout with a few of my girlfriends, usually we go between classes and lift or cardio. It’s a huge bonus to have these ladies, it keeps me accountable and we can catch up while sweating it out - talk about a social life! 

I don’t have a meal plan on campus so life is easier than normal in that regard too. My husband and I loosely plan meals throughout the week. I pack lunch and snacks five times a week, a smoothie to go for breakfast and the hubby and I do our best to eat dinner at home. We keep chicken, beans, veggies, and pasta on hand to keep things easy! 

With pressures to fit into size 00 and have a flat stomach year around it can be discouraging to wear an 8 and still have a little pooch (as it’s so lovingly called) but I understand that my strong, and everyone else’s, is far more empowering and positive than fitting into that 00. Stress of the “perfect body”, of classes, and of life in general is taken out in the gym or on the trails - surprise! Society isn’t perfect and neither is anyone’s get fit journey but I find life is better in motion and I hope others can find that passion too. Thanks for listening to my journey, maybe yours is similar, maybe it’s not but one thing is for sure - you can start just as soon as you lace up those shoes!! Follow more of Emily's journey on her blog by clicking here!

30s- Debbie Rodrigues,
IFBB Athlete
Even though I have always been involved with physical activities (mostly dance related), after moving from Brazil to Belgium at the age of 26, I slowly became sedentary and overweight. Only at the age of 34 I realized life was not over and I could still do whatever I wanted. The first step back was learning how to swim. After that, I started going to the gym, back to my passion, the iron. In the following year, I felt the need to cleaning my diet.
Throughout this time, I have participated in races and Bikini and BJJ competitions and I have lots of plans for the future. One is never too young or too old to get fit! Even if you are not a competitive person like me, there is plenty you can do to stay in shape: 
  • Take one step at a time: no matter where you are, you did not get there in one day. Things will not change with the blink of an eye
  • Get informed: there is a lot of information available on the internet. With time, you will see which sources to trust, but to get to this point you will have to be a sponge first
  • Just do it!: it is this simple. Make things happen right here, right now. It is your life. Don't take it for granted.
Since last Monday I am 39 yo. I have a full time job and I take my physical well-being as serious as my career. I avoid soft drinks and processed food. I keep caffeine intake to a minimum because it works better for me (no mid-afternoon crashes anymore). I enjoy small pleasures here and there, but I am not a slave of flavors. I am proud of the person I become and I enjoy my lifestyle and its results. Commit to a health life for at least 6 months. Be serious about it and afterwards, let me know it if it was not worth it. ;) Follow more of Debbie's journey on her blog, Debbie in Shape!

40s- Erica Gorman at Life as a Running Mom

I have always believed fitness is important at every stage of life but as I am growing older, I am discovering the need to move is greater and the time to move is shrinking. I feel this is a common trend for women in the 40's as they are often juggling family life and work life. Add in any extras and the balancing act can become hard to manage. At times I feel I am always sacrificing something but in all reality, it is all about prioritizing. It is easy for a mom to stop what she is doing for the benefit of her children. It is harder to take time for herself but that is just what I do each and every day. I have it on my schedule that I will run and do yoga every day. If it isn't before work, it is after. I am always done by dinner time. This is my time to take care of myself so I can be a better mom, wife, and employee. This has to be kept as a priority and in all reality, that 1-2 hours a day etched out for me to move will not make the other priorities in my life come crumbling done. It gives me the energy and added patience to tackle everything else in life with gusto! Follow more of Erica's journey on her blog, Life as a Running Mom!

50s-Sandra Mathews
I just turned 50 and still cannot believe it.  I’m nowhere near the shape I used to be in my 30s.  Why?  Because I never believed that I could weigh so much.   I was very active (played 300 softball games a year through my 30s, and worked out every other day).  Our metabolism slows down in the 30s and again in the 40s.  When menopause hit me at 45, the next thing I knew I weighed 200.  Even long distance runners have a hard time avoiding menopause weight gain!  I have not given up though!  I’m training for triathlons, aquabikes, a half century (cycling), and a half marathon—all of which I plan to accomplish before my 51stbirthday.  To accomplish this, I get up around 6:00am to get my workouts in before my job, but sometimes I have to prepare for class at 6:00am.  Therefore, sometimes my workouts do not happen until late evening.  Every semester from weeks 14-16, I struggle to get in three workouts a week.  In order to stay motivated, I join the National Bike Challenge and sign up for as many runs and triathlons as I can.  I am too scared to ride in events, due to my bike wreck and separated shoulder last June . . . So I ride by myself.  I set mileage goals for the year and track them on my Garmin 910xt (750 miles biking, 250 miles running, 50 miles swimming).  I am already at over 400 biking and 30 swimming.  I’m behind in running due to plantar fasciitis (September 2013-April 2014).  So, the moral of my story? Don’t ever say, “I’ll never be fat!”  Because the minute you let your guard down:  BOOM!  It happens!  KEEP MOVING, even more when you are older!  More of Sandra's journey on her blog by clicking here!

Want more?! I would love your feedback in the comments below! I love bringing in guest bloggers to help my readers! If you have a question or suggestion for another topic, please post below or contact me!