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Fit at Any Age

One of my favorite things growing up was thumbing through magazines and finding those articles that had the titles, "Fashion for Every Age" or "Beauty at Any Age". I was always intrigued by the how to's from women that fit my age range. Then I would skip ahead to see how I could teach myself how to be those things as I grew older. People say I am old soul... maybe I should blame it on the magazines! :)  

I have brought together women from different age ranges to share their take on health and fitness. I love sharing with my readers different perspectives and options! Health and wellness is about finding what works best FOR YOU and for YOUR LIFESTYLE. We cannot be molded and shaped to fit in to something that is not US! I always encourage people to build their own journey based off the inspiration and ideas they get from other people. Here it is... my version of an ANY AGE post... 
Fit at Any Age
20s- Emily at The Salty Pretzel

Hey guys, I’m Emily, a 20-something full-time wife, furmom, and college kid. It’s not always easy training and staying in shape but I know it’s what’s best for my family, my future, and, of course, for me! Life is honestly pretty easy to balance at this age, it’s just a matter of doing it. Both working out and meal planning have to be built in or, in all honesty, they wouldn’t get done. I make sure to be intentional about being in the gym, writing the progress I see, celebrating that process, and doing it all again.

There’s a gym on campus but I also hold a membership at a national gym so I can swim and when we travel I can still work out! I’m lucky enough to workout with a few of my girlfriends, usually we go between classes and lift or cardio. It’s a huge bonus to have these ladies, it keeps me accountable and we can catch up while sweating it out - talk about a social life! 

I don’t have a meal plan on campus so life is easier than normal in that regard too. My husband and I loosely plan meals throughout the week. I pack lunch and snacks five times a week, a smoothie to go for breakfast and the hubby and I do our best to eat dinner at home. We keep chicken, beans, veggies, and pasta on hand to keep things easy! 

With pressures to fit into size 00 and have a flat stomach year around it can be discouraging to wear an 8 and still have a little pooch (as it’s so lovingly called) but I understand that my strong, and everyone else’s, is far more empowering and positive than fitting into that 00. Stress of the “perfect body”, of classes, and of life in general is taken out in the gym or on the trails - surprise! Society isn’t perfect and neither is anyone’s get fit journey but I find life is better in motion and I hope others can find that passion too. Thanks for listening to my journey, maybe yours is similar, maybe it’s not but one thing is for sure - you can start just as soon as you lace up those shoes!! Follow more of Emily's journey on her blog by clicking here!

30s- Debbie Rodrigues,
IFBB Athlete
Even though I have always been involved with physical activities (mostly dance related), after moving from Brazil to Belgium at the age of 26, I slowly became sedentary and overweight. Only at the age of 34 I realized life was not over and I could still do whatever I wanted. The first step back was learning how to swim. After that, I started going to the gym, back to my passion, the iron. In the following year, I felt the need to cleaning my diet.
Throughout this time, I have participated in races and Bikini and BJJ competitions and I have lots of plans for the future. One is never too young or too old to get fit! Even if you are not a competitive person like me, there is plenty you can do to stay in shape: 
  • Take one step at a time: no matter where you are, you did not get there in one day. Things will not change with the blink of an eye
  • Get informed: there is a lot of information available on the internet. With time, you will see which sources to trust, but to get to this point you will have to be a sponge first
  • Just do it!: it is this simple. Make things happen right here, right now. It is your life. Don't take it for granted.
Since last Monday I am 39 yo. I have a full time job and I take my physical well-being as serious as my career. I avoid soft drinks and processed food. I keep caffeine intake to a minimum because it works better for me (no mid-afternoon crashes anymore). I enjoy small pleasures here and there, but I am not a slave of flavors. I am proud of the person I become and I enjoy my lifestyle and its results. Commit to a health life for at least 6 months. Be serious about it and afterwards, let me know it if it was not worth it. ;) Follow more of Debbie's journey on her blog, Debbie in Shape!

40s- Erica Gorman at Life as a Running Mom

I have always believed fitness is important at every stage of life but as I am growing older, I am discovering the need to move is greater and the time to move is shrinking. I feel this is a common trend for women in the 40's as they are often juggling family life and work life. Add in any extras and the balancing act can become hard to manage. At times I feel I am always sacrificing something but in all reality, it is all about prioritizing. It is easy for a mom to stop what she is doing for the benefit of her children. It is harder to take time for herself but that is just what I do each and every day. I have it on my schedule that I will run and do yoga every day. If it isn't before work, it is after. I am always done by dinner time. This is my time to take care of myself so I can be a better mom, wife, and employee. This has to be kept as a priority and in all reality, that 1-2 hours a day etched out for me to move will not make the other priorities in my life come crumbling done. It gives me the energy and added patience to tackle everything else in life with gusto! Follow more of Erica's journey on her blog, Life as a Running Mom!

50s-Sandra Mathews
I just turned 50 and still cannot believe it.  I’m nowhere near the shape I used to be in my 30s.  Why?  Because I never believed that I could weigh so much.   I was very active (played 300 softball games a year through my 30s, and worked out every other day).  Our metabolism slows down in the 30s and again in the 40s.  When menopause hit me at 45, the next thing I knew I weighed 200.  Even long distance runners have a hard time avoiding menopause weight gain!  I have not given up though!  I’m training for triathlons, aquabikes, a half century (cycling), and a half marathon—all of which I plan to accomplish before my 51stbirthday.  To accomplish this, I get up around 6:00am to get my workouts in before my job, but sometimes I have to prepare for class at 6:00am.  Therefore, sometimes my workouts do not happen until late evening.  Every semester from weeks 14-16, I struggle to get in three workouts a week.  In order to stay motivated, I join the National Bike Challenge and sign up for as many runs and triathlons as I can.  I am too scared to ride in events, due to my bike wreck and separated shoulder last June . . . So I ride by myself.  I set mileage goals for the year and track them on my Garmin 910xt (750 miles biking, 250 miles running, 50 miles swimming).  I am already at over 400 biking and 30 swimming.  I’m behind in running due to plantar fasciitis (September 2013-April 2014).  So, the moral of my story? Don’t ever say, “I’ll never be fat!”  Because the minute you let your guard down:  BOOM!  It happens!  KEEP MOVING, even more when you are older!  More of Sandra's journey on her blog by clicking here!

Want more?! I would love your feedback in the comments below! I love bringing in guest bloggers to help my readers! If you have a question or suggestion for another topic, please post below or contact me!

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  1. Great stories, Anna! I am thankful for the opportunity of participating in it together with such inspiring ladies.

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